Gearing Up For Con Season – And A Contest

Spring is in the air – even if we got a 10 cm dump of snow between last night and this morning – and with that comes the onset of Con Season.

The mister has been repainting and repairing surface damage on the Ottawa TARDIS in preparation for Ottawa Geek Market in just over three weeks’ time; and the kids are planning their respective cosplays.

After that, in mid-April, we’re bringing our show, so to speak, to the Cornwall & Area Pop Event. Topping my list of things to do in preparation for that is tracking down a cargo van or small moving truck for the Daleks, K-9 Grey Brother, and the TARDIS. I’m also giving serious consideration to booking a hotel room in Cornwall for the night before the show, since I don’t think any of us really relishes the idea of dragging ourselves back home after hours of setting up and fussing and making sure everything is as perfect as it can be.

In the meantime, I would love to hear from you, dear readers, on a couple of things:

1) Who is your favourite Doctor, from either the Classic or the New Who series?

2) Which monster – from either series – terrifies you the most?

So please post your response below as a comment, and the best ones will be entered into a random draw for a special mystery prize, which may or may not be Doctor Who-related.

Allons y!

2 thoughts on “Gearing Up For Con Season – And A Contest

  1. Well now. I’m an old school Whovian so my treasured favourite is Tom Baker with his crazy eyes.
    As for most fearsome monster? How can I not choose the one I Cosplay, a Clockwork Droid! I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t be afraid of a race that harvests body parts for their ship?!


  2. 1. My favorite doctor is still 10th, he was my first and will always hold a special place in my heart
    2. The monsters that terrified me the most are the weeping angels. As a kid i had nightmares about people turning into werwolves when i wasn’t looking at them. The angels build on that fear.


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