Music Of The WHOniverse

I win at parenting tonight.

I introduced my teenage son to “Doctor Who: Legacy,” and he decided to swap out the game soundtrack for some classic Duran Duran (their first album in its entirety, which was a real drag on the Wi-Fi since he was streaming it from YouTube – ouch) and New Order.

That got me thinking about film and TV soundtracks, generally, and I’m sure that if I type “Doctor Who music” into a Google search bar a veritable symphonic smorgasbord awaits me.

So my enquiring mind wants to hear from you: what songs – any genre – from the last 50 years would you put on a fan-curated Doctor Who soundtrack?

Mine would absolutely include these:



(Fun fact: New Order’s Bernard Sumner was portrayed on film by John Simm in 2002’s 24 Hour Party People.)

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