My “Legacy,” Unleashed

So, on Friday afternoon, this happened:

I’d like to say that skill and cunning played a major role in this accomplishment, but alas, no. I was so impatient with being stuck mid-way through Chapter One that I ended up holding my nose and purchasing one or two booster packs of Time Crystals. Yes, one or two. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

On Saturday morning, at breakfast with both my sister and Junior Time Lady, my reluctance to RTFM came back to haunt me as my sister told me that not only could I click on the Doctor’s icon to unleash the wonders of his critical attribute, but I could also do it with each of the other characters with equally exceptional results.


Don’t worry, Dave. We can still cover the mortgage this week.


Today is officially the fourth day of Spring. An online friend of my son, who lives in Saskatoon, told him that they are expecting 25-30 cm of snow overnight.

Ya. Um. Could someone please call Peter Capaldi? We need his attack eyebrows, stat.


On the convention front, this coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Dalek Soufflé, Dalek Ironside, K-9 Grey Brother, and the Ottawa TARDIS will be on display at the Doctor Who Society of Canada booth at Ottawa Geek Market. For more information, visit the Geek Market Web site or follow along on Twitter at @OttawaGM.

Will we see you there?

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