Ten Years Of New Who – And A Montréal ComicCon Announcement!

From 1963 to 1996, fans of Doctor Who accompanied – by turns joyfully and fearfully – eight incarnations of the Doctor and his companions on some long, strange trips, and after what is now called the Classic Series went on hiatus, were any of us really sure that we’d ever encounter the Doctor again?

There were spin-offs, of course, and RPGs, comic book serials, novelizations, and audio-books, but it just wasn’t the same, now was it?

Clearly, Russell T Davies was equally unanimous in that, so on this day in 2005, we were introduced to a Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) and a new companion, shop-girl Rose Tyler (Billie Piper). In the seven series that followed we met three four new Doctors and no fewer than ten new companions plus the brief return of K-9 and Sarah Jane Smith; were terrorized by The Master (Sir Derek Jacobi, John Simm, William Hughes (child)/Missy (Michelle Gomez); and witnessed the handover of showrunner duties from Davies to Steven Moffat.

The past ten years have been rich with exciting and mind-boggling adventures through time and space, Captain Jack Harkness, and a touch of romance. Fellow Whovians, you are not alone in wonderment and anticipation of what the next ten years may bring!


Now, for the big announcement: John Barrowman is no longer alone as a Montréal ComicCon Guest of Honour with ties to Doctor Who!

Karen Gillan (Amy Pond/Amelia Williams) was the sixth big reveal by ComicCon staff this morning, and she is scheduled to appear on Saturday, July 4th.

(Image Source: Montréal Comiccon/Facebook)
(Image Source: Montréal Comiccon/Facebook)

So, Who do you think should be next? I know of one Dalek in particular who has not been shy about her desire to shake plungers with Jenna Coleman….

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