VIECAP: The Minions Movie

(PSA: This post contains spoilers, for anyone reading it who has not yet seen this film.) I went out today with my kids to see the Minions movie. This isn’t a formal movie review so much as a short list piece from which you may draw your own conclusion(s) if seeing Minions is right for […]

For Satoru Iwata – 1960-2015

Before there was Hogwarts, there was Narnia. And my 9-year-old self wanted to seek out a wooden wardrobe very, very badly. Aslan was my spirit animal, and whenever I think of the various faces of Christ, the kindly lion never fails to appear. As for entry to the wizarding world, I’m still waiting for my […]

San Diego (Hey, That’s Where All The Kids Go)

This is a graphic depicting what is not my current location. I never thought this would bother me, but then again I am experiencing “con drop” post-Montréal, so I suppose the kicks in the feels that have arisen from intermittently following #SDCC and #SDCC2015 on Twitter over the past 24 hours are hardly surprising. September […]

VIECAP: Montréal ComicCon 2015

If you know me, you know I don’t need many reasons to head east to Montréal. And if my math serves me well, Montréal ComicCon has been pretty close to the top of that list of reasons for the past three years. The others involve homemade garlic butter and pasta in Old Montréal; midnight latke […]