San Diego (Hey, That’s Where All The Kids Go)

This is a graphic depicting what is not my current location.


I never thought this would bother me, but then again I am experiencing “con drop” post-Montréal, so I suppose the kicks in the feels that have arisen from intermittently following #SDCC and #SDCC2015 on Twitter over the past 24 hours are hardly surprising.

September 19, 2015 is THE DAY, kids. The series premiere date was just one of the Series 9-related announcements that grabbed our attention like a fistful of hair and spun us around and around like Peter Capaldi performing a brief Elvis cover on YouTube.

But back to the topic at hand. It’s a strange feeling, that concept of FOMO (fear of missing out). There is a block of time, approximately a decade, between the ages of 30-40(ish) that I ruefully call my lost years. My children were very young, and I hadn’t yet reached a place of realizing that I didn’t need anyone’s permission to put on a brown fedora and long knitted scarf and wave both around like my very own geek pride flags.

If you see me at a Con or other fan-related event and I don’t look “switched on,” I assure you nothing is further than the truth, and I’ll tell you all about it while you buy me a coffee. I am prouder than anyone that my man got a wild hair and built a TARDIS replica, completely from scratch. Moreso that his work is enjoyed by an almost terrifying number of people and has helped raise an impressive amount of money for children’s hospitals in Ottawa, Toronto, and Montréal. I still titter when I remember Dave’s reaction to Ming Chen’s praise of the build at CAPE this past spring. Dave still doesn’t really know who Ming Chen or the Comic Book Men or Kevin Smith are, but I do.

You have to hand it to Con organizers. They’ve turned arm twisting into an art form, getting the most socially reluctant of us out there buying passes and craving the briefest of encounters with our favourite celebrities and wanting to get our shaky hands on “exclusive” and “limited edition” memorabilia. (Confidential to Lacey at a certain outlet store in Kanata: you own me. I may as well hook up my bank account and collect my swag every two weeks instead of a pay cheque.) San Diego, so help me, is on my bucket list for next year. Maybe I’ll tack it on to the road trip that tops my bucket list: Route 66 from Chicago to the Santa Monica Pier.

In the meantime, before this week is over, you’ll see me lurking drowsily outside Hot Topic, waiting for my chance to grab Doctor Who Pop! Vinyl #235 and add it to my growing collection. And maybe an Adipose key-chain.


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