VIECAP: Doctor Who Comics Day

Happy #DoctorWhoComicsDay!

I came home from the Comic Book Shoppe with two of the five variant covers.

And that was pretty much … it.

Where were the balloons? A TARDIS? The Eleventh Doctor popping up out of a cake? Or, *gulp*, a Dalek?

Ottawa doesn’t have a designated store this year, maybe because last year’s location dropped the ball big time, the first year of Titan Comics’ designated day for this sort of thing.

Those of us who signed up for Hot Topic e-mail blasts, however, were given a red herring. Off we went to the Kanata outlet store – Junior Time Lord, Junior Time Lady, and I – only to be steered in the direction of a lonely shelf of My Little Pony books with a halfhearted explanation that they don’t bring in a lot of comic book titles, and that what was sent to me today was probably only relevant to the U.S. chain stores.

Curses, foiled again! to quote a certain notorious non-Whovian villain.

The closest Titan-designated stores to us are two hours away in either direction. So I am hopeful for the people of Kingston, Ontario, and Laval, Québec, that their locations gave the day the attention that we at Whovian On A Budget think it deserves.

And with a plea to Titan Comics to find a good local host for next year’s Doctor Who Comics Day, I leave you with this. (Enjoy.)


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