VIE-CAP: Cornwall and Area Pop Event (CAPE)

For us in Eastern Ontario, the Con Season begins with Ottawa Geek Market, and the lead-up to Ottawa ComicCon in May is the Cornwall and Area Pop Event (CAPE) in late April.

This is CAPE’s second year, and it has grown exponentially. Two days instead of one, making it a full weekend experience; and this year, the wedding of CAPE’s co-founders, Randy Sauvé and Carol Grant.

There was something for everyone – geek or nerd – at this weekend’s CAPE. In addition to the usual splash-out of comic vendors, artists, and fan groups raising funds for specific charities, Trekkies were treated to a visit from members of the cast of the Original Series – BarBara Luna, Sally Kellerman, Louise Sorel, Beverly Washburn, Michael Forest, and Sean Kenney. Fans of Kevin Smith’s Askewniverse were gifted with the treat of Brian O’Halloran, Marilyn Ghigliotti, and Ernie O’Donnell from the movie Clerks; and devotees of The Walking Dead had the opportunity to meet and interact with actors Steve Coulter, Coleman Youmans, and Chris Harrelson.

If you follow me on Twitter @whovian_vie, you can travel the time stream again and relive the memories of my Con shenanigans! Just look for the hashtag #WOABontheroad!


thank you CAPE



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