VIE-CAP: Ottawa ComicCon

In which the blogger falls even harder for actress Michelle Gomez; the blogger’s teenage daughter declares actor Arthur Darvill even hotter in person; and actress Karen Gillan photobombs a lineup of Daleks.


So how was your weekend?

Mine was fantastic.

I finally found a French Taunter Pop! Vinyl figure to complete my Monty Python And The Holy Grail set; discovered the Crimson Peak trio set, and added it to my ever-growing wish list; and acquired the pièce-de-résistance for my Sherlock collection:

FB/Whovian On A Budget

In our house, we love it when the good guys win, but there’s just something about the villains, right? It’s not the real Andrew Scott sitting in my dining room, but it’s as close as I am likely to get.

And speaking of villains, if you didn’t attend ComicCon, you totally missed seeing this:

FB/Dalek Souffle
FB/Dalek Soufflé

Hey Missy, you’re so fine, sitting in Dalek Soufflé at the Doctor Who Society of Canada booth.

The most popular sales items crossing the floor this weekend had to be the Whovian Box ($110) and the Question Box ($40). I wish I had bought the Whovian Box, so I am counting on seeing the vendor at an upcoming show so that they can take all of my money.

Dalek Harper, asking where the Dalek Boxes were?  (FB/Whovian On A Budget)

And, as always, I was in awe of the cosplayers who have a knack with a needle and thread. My heart sang for the little ones whose parents took the time to dress them up.

We missed you, Donut Vendor from previous years who wasn’t there this time around. Fat Les’s Chips, you’re always a pleasure, and I doubt I would have waited in line for over an hour for food anywhere else. Your back bacon on a bun cured a multitude of ailments.

So on that note, I leave you with another reason to be sorry you didn’t come to Ottawa for the Con this year:

FB/Doctor Who Society of Canada

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