VIE-CAP: Coal Hill Convention 2016

A tweak of the chameleon circuit here, a reversal of the polarity there, and Ottawa TARDIS found herself in lovely and temperate Laconia, New Hampshire, for a langorous five days.

Why all the adjectives?

Well, first off, it’s New England, coming up on summer weather, and Dave + yours truly were in great need of a working vacation.

Once fully assembled, the TARDIS  – we are pleased to report – did the one job that was asked of her: to look sharp and make the attendees of the inaugural Coal Hill Convention (the first of many, we hope) very, very happy.

A small, immersive con by design, Coal Hill Con 2016 was held at The Margate Resort on Lake Winnepesaukee, representing the iconic, fictitious Coal Hill Secondary School with each conference room cast as a classroom (History, Science, etc.) and all common events representative of the “social” elements of the high school experience (Orientation, Prom, Graduation). Our English teacher was none other than Andrew Cartmel, British author and former script editor of Doctor Who during the last three series of Classic Who.

The Honourary Headmaster was {{drum roll}} Mr. Terry Molloy, who is an icon himself having played the role of Davros, creator of the Dalek race, on Doctor Who from 1983 to 1989. His aide-de-camp was the inimitable Mr. Monty Molloy, who notably graduated from high school after 69 years and some whispering about bribes.

FB/Terry Molloy
FB/Terry Molloy

If you had been there, you would also have met various characters from The Doctor’s past and present, including Amy Pond, Rose Tyler, and River Song; and had a blast during a set by Draco and the Malfoys. I posted quite a bit on Twitter and Facebook throughout the weekend, if you haven’t already checked out those timelines.



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