The Year That Was

2016 was one helluva year. 

The highlights are pretty well covered by the #bestnine2016 post I made to Instagram earlier this evening. I met Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie in October; crossed another line off the concert bucket list when I finally saw Boy George and Culture Club perform live in Ottawa in November; and the Ottawa TARDIS family grew to include a tiny new companion in Mel, my granddaughter Melissa, who was born on the 10th of December, five weeks prematurely.

On a fan based level, in 2016 my world was rocked by the deaths of David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Prince, Carrie Fisher, and George Michael. I’ve had a one woman carpool karaoke show going in my car the last few days comprised mainly of George Michael’s under-rated songs. He was 53 years old when he died in his sleep on Christmas Day, nine years older than me. Carrie Fisher came into my life in 1977 in the guise of a princess when Star Wars: A New Hope was released and I think it was the first film my parents ever took me to see in the theatre. Her tenacious adult struggle with mental illness made her a real and relatable heroine to me and countless others. I regret not going to Fan Expo this year to meet her when I had the chance. 

I’m hopeful that 2017 will present more opportunities to interact with artists in all disciplines. My sister and I are planning a road trip to LI Who 5 in November with friends. I am looking forward to meeting Sylvester McCoy and Louise Jameson. 

And of course there are the conventions closer to home in Ottawa and Montréal. Chances are you’ll see me wearing a baby and snapping photos and keeping the Whovian On A Budget social media channels reasonably well fed. 

All of my love and thanks for your support in 2016,


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