VIE-CAP: The Return Of Doctor Mysterio

I hedged, and hemmed, and hawed.

Some of the buzz surrounding this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special wasn’t the greatest, and I had enough to do on Christmas Day without finding a way to see it as someone who isn’t a cable TV subscriber.

After spending most of New Year’s Day in bed after an unanticipated vertigo attack, and part of today, I decided to test my delicate brain matter.

It had its flaws, but on the large, it was gentle fun to watch. Nardole as a companion was a pleasant surprise, especially in the episode’s final moments. There were definite shout-outs to well-known comic book series, complete with the requisite nascent threat to New York City. The Doctor shows us that while he is at the forefront of time travel, it’s still possible for him to have missed that Clark Kent and Superman are indeed one and the same.

And shippers of Peter Capaldi will thrall to the sight of their Silver Fox interacting with a baby.

Rating: 4 superhero masks out of 5.


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