VIE-CAP: “Smile”, Though Your Heart Is Aching

Promises and vaults and emojibots, oh my!

The second episode of Series 10, titled “Smile,” offered an interesting take on a world – the end of the world – where the machines – aka the Vardy – really run the show and only want the human colonists to be happy. Any emotional display to the contrary is, well, pretty much a death wish.

It was also unsurprising that The Doctor decided to shuck off Nardole and take a break from honouring whatever promise entailed guarding the vault to run off with Bill. The growing rapport between tutor and student is genuine and refreshing to watch.

Best lines of the night:

Nardole: “Excuse me, just what is the TARDIS doing down here?”

The Doctor: “I’m over 2,000 years old, I don’t always want to take the stairs.”


Bill: “Where are you going?”

The Doctor: “There’s a giant smiley abbatoir over there and I’m having this really childish impulse to blow it up. Be right back.”


Bill: “Stop trying to keep me out of trouble!”

Until next week, when our heroes find themselves in 19th century London confronted with an elephant walking on an icy Thames.

Rating: 8/10 Magic Haddock

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