VIE-CAP: Extremis

In fine vero. At the end, the truth.

In another top-notch episode from Series 10 of Doctor Who, we get several.

Truth #1: Missy is in the vault, which should surprise no one really. The Doctor pledged to guard her body for 1,000 years after deliberately botching her execution and sending the headsmen scurrying for their own safety. We soon learn that Time Lords have two hearts, three brain stems, and killing them is an act of technological precision by another Time Lord. The body must be guarded at all times, in a Quantum Fold chamber, to ensure that the body indeed stays dead.

Which brings us to Truth #2: “Life can be a cunning enemy.”

Yes, yes, it can.

And no more so than when a particularly nasty alien form comes to town, buttressed by an ancient short text called “Veritas” that ostensibly leads anyone who tries to read it to die by suicide. The original manuscript and attempts at translation are stored within the Haereticum, the Vatican’s library of forbidden and heretical texts. No surprise, then, that the Pope himself is in need of assistance at a higher level than the one he’s normally accustomed to.

Intra quod Doctor. Still blind, and to varying degrees dependent on Nardole, Bill, and the sonic sunglasses from Series 9. And asking for help from frenemy Missy.

As to those nasty aliens? They’re the stuff that can instill fear into the hearts of particle physicists and priests, known as The Monks, come to Earth to test the proverbial waters, to see what would happen if they launched a formal takeover.  The suicides are, in fact, folks fleeing the simulation world as fast as they can.

(And that’s when I jumped behind the couch. It’s nice back here. Not too much dog hair. In vino veritas never tasted so good.)

Rating: 9.5/10 cowled figures bearing River Song’s diary

Next week: “Something very big, and something possibly very, very bad.”

If you look at the video preview, it appears that The Monks are back. Right. Right. Clearing out the spot behind the sofa as we speak. Iesus, ut rotam. +



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