VIE-CAP: Love Is Blindness

Episode 7. We’ve reached the midpoint of the three-part story arc in which Earth has been tagged for seizure by the monk creatures, and in so doing, learned some more interesting facts about the end of the world as we know it.

1) The end will come, but only after consent is given from a place of love. “To rule from fear is inefficient,” quoth the head monk. Fear is not consent. Fear will disintegrate your very physical being. Incidentally, strategy is also not consent.

2) The end will come after a series of careless mistakes made by humans. Broken reading glasses. Showing up at work in a biochemistry lab half in the bag. A misplaced decimal point. Thanks, hungover coworker.

3) Bono was right. Love is blindness. And somehow non-Time Lords have the ability to restore The Doctor’s eyesight. How does that work, exactly? Because Bill, God love her, cedes control of Planet Earth to the monks from her place of pure platonic love for her erstwhile tutor. 

And it’s that healing gesture that’s left me wondering if a 5,000 year old pyramid is actually the Master’s TARDIS, and these monks are the latest alien band to march in step with Gallifrey’s sultan of sadistic schism? Where is Missy, anyway? Rumour has it that she isn’t in the vault, after all….

This wasn’t the best episode of Series 10 to date, but it is incredibly effective in driving home the point that every choice, no matter how pure the intention behind it, ends with a consequence, intended or not. Veritas, indeed.

Rating: 7.5/10 Doomsday Clocks

Next week: Screenwriter Toby Whithouse completes the arc. The Doctor has joined the monks. Will Bill kill, to save the planet from his switcheroo?

Remember kids, strategy will not save you here.

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