I Got The 2017 Regeneration Blues

With less than a week to go before the Doctor Who Christmas Special, and of course the regeneration of Twelve to Thirteen, I only have this to say: I’m not ready.

I have somehow avoided watching the last episode of Series 10, although I suppose I should arm myself with a bowl of chips and a jar of French Onion dip and get on with it.

I don’t want Peter Capaldi to go.

I don’t like the reported behind-the-scenes circumstances of his leaving.

I want more episodes directed by Rachel Talalay.

I REALLY LIKED BILL POTTS. She was a welcome breath of fresh air on the companion front after the insufferable Doctor Clara.

And I’m still waiting for the release of the official soundtracks for Series 9 and 10.

All this to say, I have bought passes to see “Twice Upon A Time” on the big screen (December 27th at South Keys Cinema in Ottawa).

But I am still not ready to say goodbye.

Peter Capaldi

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