A Reaction To More Changes

Since the series reboot in 2005, we’ve had the RTD Era, the Moffat Era, and today we were given another look at the forthcoming Chibnall Era.

The first reaction? No more stylized DW logo. There’s something non-European about it. Not Studio Ghibli, but something I cannot quite put my finger on. I feel like there should be a Pokémon or a Totoro standing next to her on that hillside.

Now for a clip of the opening credits:

The only familiar aspect to it is the vworp vworp vworp of the TARDIS. There is the faintest hint of the Series 10 theme. But other than that, it seems to be very much its own piece of music.

New costume, new logo, new composer, new blue box, new showrunner. I’m left wondering why the (pardon) dramatic shifts? I feel as though if the words Doctor and Who didn’t appear, it would be just another SyFy or Space Channel after-midnight program bracketing infomercials.

What made Doctor Who special for me was that it wasn’t like anything else out there on television. It wasn’t even like itself. Why make it blend in when it was born to stand out, BBC? What are you playing at?

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