I should rename this site “BehindThe8Ball dot com,” mostly because that’s where I’ve been since my last post. Aahaha haha.

Despite not having watched an episode of Doctor Who since forever, I’ve got a general awareness of what’s transpired last series and now. Graham and Ryan left the Tardis and went back to Sheffield. Some frabjous nonsense about a Timeless Child. Yet another Doctor incarnation, now known as The Fugitive Doctor but still played by Jo Martin. And two new companions joining Yaz: Dan and Vinder.

All that even though I lost track of the plot and fell asleep early on during the broadcast of all three episodes of the current series. Hey, in my defence, my father – who celebrated his 75th birthday yesterday and is sharp as a tack – admitted he went online to look for info/spoilers so he could understand what was happening.

Oh! Oh! When memes become reality: a Weeping Angel finally has the box.

Will I try again tomorrow night? Oh, probably.

In the meantime, if you’re in the Ottawa area and need your fix of Comic-Con after too many years of COVID-19 running the world like a Doctor Who series baddie, go check out OCC’s Holiday Market at the EY Centre starting tonight and also open to the vaccinated public tomorrow and Sunday. The Ottawa Chapter of the Doctor Who Society of Canada has a booth and much holiday goodness for sale to warm your hearth and home this Christmas.

Stay safe, wash your hands, and give three cheers to Health Canada for approving the Pfizer vaccine for the littlest among us.

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