Welcome to my pocket universe.

My name is Vie, and I am a Whovian. I share my residence here on Earth with three children, my granddaughter, two cats, two dogs, and a full-size replica of the Smith/Capaldi TARDIS. I am Irish Catholic in my complications (thanks, Mom), and thoroughly British in my sophistication (ditto, Dad). I like my tea steeped with two shots of cream and a packet of Splenda.

What’s your superpower?


While my primary interest is Doctor Who (Classic and New), I also ‘ship the worlds of Harry Potter, Star Trek, and Babylon 5.

My Classic Doctor is Jon Pertwee, although my memories of Tom Baker and Peter Davison are better.

John Barrowman – what more needs to be said?

NewWho? Matt Smith, absolutely. It was during his series run that we got to meet River Song, and I have just a teensy* girl crush on Alex Kingston.


(*Teensy, like time, being a relative term.)


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