Notes From The Console – April 2017

Only six days to go before the Doctor makes his way onto our TV screens once again, and personally I am very excited. From the sound of things, Series 10 – which, sadly, is Peter Capaldi’s last – will offer a quality of storytelling that frankly should have been there for him in Series’ 8 […]

VIECAP: Ottawa ComicCon 2015

I’ve been attending Ottawa ComicCon since its inception in 2012, and an exhibitor/volunteer with The Doctor Who Society of Canada since 2013. Every year, ComicCon outdoes itself, whether it’s the calibre of guests they bring in, or the quality of the cosplays, or just the overall energy. I really don’t mind spending 99% of Mother’s […]

David Tennant Headed for Wizard World

Sweet tea and jammie dodgers. This is the man who was said to deliberately avoid the con experience because the costs of attending (travel, autographs, etc.) were prohibitive to so many of his fans. AnyWHO, ain’t no way I’m getting to North Carolina with so little lead time, so I wonder what the odds are that […]