VIE-CAP: World Enough And Time

This episode – the eleventh and penultimate of Series 10 – by rights should have been subtitled, “Or, When A Scenario Isn’t Just A Scenario.” Forget what you saw in the pre-credits sequence. That was a tease. (Spoilers, sweetie.) The real heartbreak here comes after The Doctor decides now is as good a time as […]

VIE-CAP: Extremis

In fine vero. At the end, the truth. In another top-notch episode from Series 10 of Doctor Who, we get several. Truth #1: Missy is in the vault, which should surprise no one really. The Doctor pledged to guard her body for 1,000 years after deliberately botching her execution and sending the headsmen scurrying for […]

VIE-CAP: The Return Of Doctor Mysterio

I hedged, and hemmed, and hawed. Some of the buzz surrounding this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special wasn’t the greatest, and I had enough to do on Christmas Day without finding a way to see it as someone who isn’t a cable TV subscriber. After spending most of New Year’s Day in bed after an unanticipated vertigo […]