The 2018 Con Season Begins

It has been far too long since I last posted here, so this is more of a catch up blog than speaking to anything specific. What were we doing? What were we wearing? What did we buy? The fourth Cornwall and Area Pop Event (CAPE) was held last weekend at the city’s Benson Centre. An […]

VIE-CAP: Coal Hill Convention 2016

A tweak of the chameleon circuit here, a reversal of the polarity there, and Ottawa TARDIS found herself in lovely and temperate Laconia, New Hampshire, for a langorous five days. Why all the adjectives? Well, first off, it’s New England, coming up on summer weather, and Dave + yours truly were in great need of […]

VIE-CAP: Ottawa ComicCon

In which the blogger falls even harder for actress Michelle Gomez; the blogger’s teenage daughter declares actor Arthur Darvill even hotter in person; and actress Karen Gillan photobombs a lineup of Daleks.   So how was your weekend? Mine was fantastic. I finally found a French Taunter Pop! Vinyl figure to complete my Monty Python […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

“May your Guinness be draught and cold.” – Me “Don’t be lasagna.” – The Doctor And now, since I am a mom with strong views on such matters, please take a moment to read the following PSA:

Sing Along With Us – More Geeky Holiday Carols!

ICYMI on the Facebook page, our newest and equally zany contributions come to us from Scooter Milne, who figured out how to rig the TARDIS chameleon circuit and turn it into a fully-functioning motor scooter. Sadly, the original TARDIS Scooter faced the raven a few months ago, but her regeneration is underway, and we’re sure that both she and […]

Tis The Season – Geeky Holiday Carols!

We at Whovian On A Budget absolutely adore the Christmas Season. We’d even rank it as high as second on the list, right behind Hallowe’en. In the spirit of giving, it is our pleasure to bring you the Whovian versions of classic and modern Christmas songs that their composers surely meant to write instead. (Yes?) […]