VIE-CAP: World Enough And Time

This episode – the eleventh and penultimate of Series 10 – by rights should have been subtitled, “Or, When A Scenario Isn’t Just A Scenario.” Forget what you saw in the pre-credits sequence. That was a tease. (Spoilers, sweetie.) The real heartbreak here comes after The Doctor decides now is as good a time as […]

Notes From The Console – April 2017

Only six days to go before the Doctor makes his way onto our TV screens once again, and personally I am very excited. From the sound of things, Series 10 – which, sadly, is Peter Capaldi’s last – will offer a quality of storytelling that frankly should have been there for him in Series’ 8 […]

Music Of The WHOniverse

I win at parenting tonight. I introduced my teenage son to “Doctor Who: Legacy,” and he decided to swap out the game soundtrack for some classic Duran Duran (their first album in its entirety, which was a real drag on the Wi-Fi since he was streaming it from YouTube – ouch) and New Order. That […]