VIECAP: Doctor Who Comics Day

Happy #DoctorWhoComicsDay! I came home from the Comic Book Shoppe with two of the five variant covers. And that was pretty much … it. Where were the balloons? A TARDIS? The Eleventh Doctor popping up out of a cake? Or, *gulp*, a Dalek? Ottawa doesn’t have a designated store this year, maybe because last year’s […]

VIECAP: Montréal ComicCon 2015

If you know me, you know I don’t need many reasons to head east to Montréal. And if my math serves me well, Montréal ComicCon has been pretty close to the top of that list of reasons for the past three years. The others involve homemade garlic butter and pasta in Old Montréal; midnight latke […]

My “Legacy,” Unleashed

So, on Friday afternoon, this happened: I’d like to say that skill and cunning played a major role in this accomplishment, but alas, no. I was so impatient with being stuck mid-way through Chapter One that I ended up holding my nose and purchasing one or two booster packs of Time Crystals. Yes, one or […]

Geek Parenting Done Right!

Last weekend, my Junior Time Lady undertook a cleaning spree, and ever since, has been cajoling me into going upstairs into her room to check out her bookshelf. This morning, I went in to have a look, and I couldn’t not take this picture. Gotta love her decorating skills!