VIE-CAP: Ottawa ComicCon

In which the blogger falls even harder for actress Michelle Gomez; the blogger’s teenage daughter declares actor Arthur Darvill even hotter in person; and actress Karen Gillan photobombs a lineup of Daleks.   So how was your weekend? Mine was fantastic. I finally found a French Taunter Pop! Vinyl figure to complete my Monty Python […]

VIE-CAP: Cornwall and Area Pop Event (CAPE)

For us in Eastern Ontario, the Con Season begins with Ottawa Geek Market, and the lead-up to Ottawa ComicCon in May is the Cornwall and Area Pop Event (CAPE) in late April. This is CAPE’s second year, and it has grown exponentially. Two days instead of one, making it a full weekend experience; and this […]

What’s Good, Ottawa? Check Out Maker Faire!

Are you looking for something to do in town this weekend that doesn’t involve intensive bargaining with your kids to use your Scene points for SPECTRE instead of The Peanuts Movie? Well. Have I got a super-cool alternative for you: Maker Faire is the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth—a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity […]

For Satoru Iwata – 1960-2015

Before there was Hogwarts, there was Narnia. And my 9-year-old self wanted to seek out a wooden wardrobe very, very badly. Aslan was my spirit animal, and whenever I think of the various faces of Christ, the kindly lion never fails to appear. As for entry to the wizarding world, I’m still waiting for my […]

VIECAP: Ottawa ComicCon 2015

I’ve been attending Ottawa ComicCon since its inception in 2012, and an exhibitor/volunteer with The Doctor Who Society of Canada since 2013. Every year, ComicCon outdoes itself, whether it’s the calibre of guests they bring in, or the quality of the cosplays, or just the overall energy. I really don’t mind spending 99% of Mother’s […]

Lazy Sunday Ramblings, Who-style

Today it is Sunday, March 15th, and at the time I started writing this post I was awake for almost three hours, having gone to sleep at roughly 5:45 this morning, buzzing off of one glass of Coke and having figured out how to successfully boost my TARDIS Team on Doctor Who: Legacy. I’ve never […]

Geek Parenting Done Right!

Last weekend, my Junior Time Lady undertook a cleaning spree, and ever since, has been cajoling me into going upstairs into her room to check out her bookshelf. This morning, I went in to have a look, and I couldn’t not take this picture. Gotta love her decorating skills!