VIECAP: Montréal ComicCon 2015

If you know me, you know I don’t need many reasons to head east to Montréal. And if my math serves me well, Montréal ComicCon has been pretty close to the top of that list of reasons for the past three years. The others involve homemade garlic butter and pasta in Old Montréal; midnight latke […]

The Return Of The Whovian

Oh. Hello. The month of April passed by in a flash, didn’t it? Fear not, readers. Mama’s coming home, to tell you more stories and share more tidbits about this crazy con life. As for the lack of blog posts, I certainly didn’t want for material. Since the end of March, the Ottawa TARDIS has […]

David Tennant Headed for Wizard World

Sweet tea and jammie dodgers. This is the man who was said to deliberately avoid the con experience because the costs of attending (travel, autographs, etc.) were prohibitive to so many of his fans. AnyWHO, ain’t no way I’m getting to North Carolina with so little lead time, so I wonder what the odds are that […]