DW Series 12 Trailer Released Today

I don’t suppose you’ve seen anything weird around here? The Tardis family is back and so are some familiar foes, and a couple of A List guest stars (Stephen Fry; Sir Lenny Henry, C.B.E.). Word on the Internets is that the series premiere will air on January 1, 2020, with the second episode to be […]

VIE-CAP: Demons Of The Punjab

I keep a mental short-list of Doctor Who episodes I would watch over and over again, and “Demons Of The Punjab” will be one of them. We spend more time with Yaz and learn more about her family, including her Nani Umbreen, whose birthday meal is underway at the beginning of the episode. It’s the […]

VIE-CAP: The Ghost Monument

Having survived their encounter with Tzim’Sha – contender for leader of the alien Stenza race – in last week’s series opening episode, the intrepid quartet find themselves suspended in space until they are scooped up in pairs by Angstrom and Epzo, contestants in what has the potential to be a galactic, malevolent, fight to the […]