VIE-CAP: Ottawa ComicCon

In which the blogger falls even harder for actress Michelle Gomez; the blogger’s teenage daughter declares actor Arthur Darvill even hotter in person; and actress Karen Gillan photobombs a lineup of Daleks.   So how was your weekend? Mine was fantastic. I finally found a French Taunter Pop! Vinyl figure to complete my Monty Python […]

How To Have Fun With Smaug

It is a bit of a stretch to think of Smaug, that most specially greedy, strong and wicked worm, as a creature with whom you would want to share an adventure, but this past weekend we did just that with his 6″ Pop! Vinyl incarnation. Destination: Windsor Park, in Dorval, Qu├ębec. A team of creative […]

Geek Parenting Done Right!

Last weekend, my Junior Time Lady undertook a cleaning spree, and ever since, has been cajoling me into going upstairs into her room to check out her bookshelf. This morning, I went in to have a look, and I couldn’t not take this picture. Gotta love her decorating skills!